Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lalafio?

Lalafio is an online streaming service that offers exclusive access to live music shows, hosted by all your favorite music artistes. Live shows and all previous shows are available on all and any of your internet connected devices - ad free - for a weekly service fee.

How much does Lalafio cost?

Lalafio is available to stream on your smartphone, laptop, smart TVs and any other streaming device. Plan starts at GHS 5.0 weekly plus no extra or hidden costs!

  1. GHS 5.00 per week
  2. GHS 20.00 per month

How do I cancel?

Lalafio provides no hassle with cancellations. Just login with your account on Lalafio and cancel your weekly subscription plan. It's that easy!

How is Lalafio different from other streaming services?

Lalafio brings live performances from trending and budding Ghanaian musicians to your screens currently not available on any streaming service! Enjoy premium quality streams of the best Ghanaian music only on Lalafio.

How can I request songs on Lalafio?

To request a song by your favorite artiste on Lalafio, open the side chat widget and type in your song request. All requests are streamed live to the performing artist on Lalafio.

My MoMo payment prompt is not showing up?

If you MoMo payment prompt does not popup, kindly follow the steps bellow:

  1. Dial *170# to access your MoMo payment prompt.

  2. Select option 6 for My Wallet.

  3. Select option 3 for My Approvals.

  4. Select the transaction from the approval list

  5. Enter MoMo PIN and Approve Transaction.