Terms and Conditions

AfrifaNom Limited – Terms and Condition for Use of Lalafio & Graphic Promotion

Organizer:   Graphic Communications Group Limited
Supporter:   Lalafio (www.lalafio.com)
Provider:   AfrifaNom Limited (through its affiliate company Tekhype Ltd)


The Organizer through the Provider, will launch a new promotion via a web-based portal – provided by the Supporter – covering a series of Trivia Game spanning general knowledge of the Ghanaian Music Industry. The Promotion gives customers of Graphic Communications Group, MTN and Vodafone the opportunity to participate in draws for any of the four (4) cars at stake.


1.2. The promotion will consist of a daily Trivia Game with a subscription cost of GHS 1, involving a set of questions and answers for MTN and Vodafone customers. Customers will have to stay subscribed to the promotion to gain and accumulate points to enter each monthly draw.


1.3. The daily Trivia Game shall be accessible via a dedicated web portal on the Lalafio website. The Trivia Game shall consist of a daily set questions about the Ghanaian Music Industry, to which subscribers are invited to reply to from a set of answers provided. Upon successful charge, a subscriber is provided with an SMS message to participate in the daily challenge. If the subscriber confirms willingness to partake in the daily challenge by clicking on the URL embedded in the SMS, the first query of the day is served. By replying to the query, the subscriber triggers the next query until the daily limit is reached; i.e. seven (7) questions . The more correct responses to each query by the subscriber, the more points he/she stands to accumulate towards the draw at the end of each three (3) months.




2.1. To register and become a participant of the Graphic Lalafio Promotion, an Operator’s customer needs to select and submit the communicated keyword (SUBSCRIBE, WIN, YES or OK) or any such keyword, via the USSD short code *706# .


2.2. Subscribers who have successfully completed and submitted the communicated keyword to register, shall be notified via a confirmation SMS of their subscription and participation in the Graphic Lalafio Promotion.


2.3. Participants can cancel their subscriptions at any time during the duration of the promotion, by selecting and submitting the keyword STOP (or any other keyword specified for unsubscription) via the USSD short code *706#. Operator customers who join the Graphic Lalafio Promotion are considered Participants until they cancel their subscriptions.


2.4. Subscribers who have successfully completed and submitted the communicated keyword for unsubscription, shall be notified via a confirmation SMS of their unsubscription and voided participation in the Graphic Lalafio Promotion.


2.5. Participants can also cancel their subscriptions on Lalafio directly by visiting www.lalafio.com. Alternatively, Participants can also cancel their subscriptions by selecting STOP via the USSD short code *706# to unsubscribe.


2.6. Participants who canceled their subscription can re-register at any given point in time during the Graphic Lalafio Promotion by subscribing via the dedicated USSD short code *706#.


2.7. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes will be posted online at the Organizer’s and Supporter’s website.




3.1. The daily subscription charge for the Operator Participants is GHS 1/day (incl. tax). Every day, Participants are charged via the daily billing cycle that runs while a subscription is active.


3.2. In the case of repeated unsuccessful charges, at the sole discretion of the Operator, Participants can be removed from the Graphic Lalafio Promotion.


3.3. Access to the daily query page, would require Participants to have sufficient data for query review and response.




4.1. The Graphic Lalafio Promotion will have duration of a (1) year. The start date will be on 15th September 2020 at 08:00:00 local time and the end date will be on 15th September 2021 at 23:59:59 (the Promotional Period). The Operator reserves the right to shift the start and end dates by one or more weeks.


4.2. Extension of the Promotion may be established.




5.1. At the end of every three (3) months of the Graphic Lalafio Promotion, the Participant with the highest number of accumulated points shall be awarded one (1) car from the four cars allocated for the promotion.


Please submit any questions you have about these Terms and/or Privacy Policy or any problems concerning the Lalafio.com & Graphic Promotion Service, please write to Grievance Officer

AfrifaNom Limited
#7 Kingdom Street, Dansoman Keep fit down, Accra, Ghana.